Gass Half Empty!

While rupee has received a powerful glucose injection against dollar in our weak economy, we; the haters, continue to undermine the situation that has sprang up. To hell with optimism and hope, glass is half empty for us. This situation won’t last long, we claim. Let’s see if it lasts a month and if it did last, we can test it for another six months. Who cares if the import bill has shrank; we can say that the prices have not gone down yet. You think we don’t have other habits? Of course, we do. We raise our voice against Government TTP peace talks. Occasionally, we  ridicule our outdated culture, tell stories of western triumphs or if a national holiday comes, we can spend pages to prove that Jinnah belonged to our school of thought and none other and he was as much secular or as much a true Muslim as we are. If anybody tries to show a disagreement, we shall mock him dead and prove that his and his ancestors’ patriotism is doubtful. After that Victory shall be ours.


Art of Living

Hike to MiranJani Peak

Hike to MiranJani Peak

Oscar Wilde said “I don’t want to earn my living; I want to live”. Living life with passion is life that I dreamed. Every moment can be lived up to its potential. Working eight hours and worrying about the future just doesn’t add up. We must squeeze our schedule a bit and make room for some leisure time. Look around, what wonderful life we have, surrounded by beauty and passion. Every step we take is an inspiration and every moment we enjoy is a delight for ourselves. Life isn’t indoors; it’s out there in green plains and snowy mountains.

Lost Habits

It is sad that as we grow up we start to weigh things in terms of give and take. Aren’t we supposed to get wise when we mature? I wonder when exactly sincerity and affection were left behind and materialistic approach became the new approach. Weren’t we honest in thought and in action in childhood? Weren’t we brave and passionate? Weren’t we adventurous and daring? But we are not now. Now everything is measured in pros and cons. We will give something only if believe that it will return with profit in some way or other. Love, relations, friendships are traded for status, money and power. Now I understand why children will go straight to heaven and men will be evaluated for their deeds.

Dunya Pittal Di

Pakistan has the most precious youth, I am sure. It has got potential. It is making their names in the fields that have never been explored before and touched new heights. Nah! You guessed wrong, we are no fools that you expect us to waste out time on what may prove beneficial for us or our country. We have found a way to enjoy ourselves plus it will make us the bright stars shining on the skies of arts and culture. Failure is no option, my dear. So lets get a piece of our enchanted youth that I have found on facebook.

Conspiracy(سب امریکا کی سازش ہنے )

Tomorrow is 23rd March and the idea of an expected day off is ruined. It could be so much better if 23rd march has to come during week days. You know, this is what national holidays are about. A “chutti”; a sweet day away from work with the freedom to sleep throughout the day and plan how we will manage to sneak out of the office to do our personal stuff. But now it’s ruined. I blame it on America and the government. With all that big technology and machines, they are sure conspiring against the peace and pleasure of Pakistanis. Shame on you, “فرنگیو!”

(P.S: this post is written just for fun with sarcasm as the main tool. Please do not think that this piece of writing meant to awake you.)

صندل بست…

صندل بستی آجکل میرا ٹھکانہ ہے
ریل کی پٹری کے کنارے
اک تنہا گھروندے میں
بدھا کے شہر میں
ماضی کے مزاروں کے بیچ
اور اسی شہر میں وہ بھی رہتی ہے
اس سے کبھی تو آشنائی ہے
اور کبھی  بلکل کورا پن
میں سوچوں
سب قصور بدھ کا ہے
اس شہر میں محبت نہیں ملتی
گیان ملتا ہے