Diary of a Daddy’s Boy (Part#02)

I never understood the mentality of poor people. We bring them out of their miserable lives. We clothe them with our old attire. We provide them with our leftovers from previous day meals. We give them roof of our basement or “Mamti”. As they are illiterate and therefore ineligible to choose what is best for them, we guide them to the right path, telling that it is best for them to stay with us as it will solve their problems of “Roti, Kapra, Makan” (isn’t that what “AAm Admi” is after?). To be more kind, we even engage their kids in our daily works like “Bartan Dhona”, carrying the luggage and following my wife in malls. Well, I am not a proud person but if I tell you the truth, I have observed that kids seem happier around other kids so I let my servant’s 6 year old entertain my 8 year old son (to avoid ambiguity, I am calling my servant’s kid “choota” and referring my kid as Mustafa). For example, choota can bowl all the time when Mustafa wants to play cricket or choota can make faces to make Mustafa laugh. But with all these kindnesses and politeness shown, they always pretend unhappy, trying to get away back to their dirty lives. The other day my servant’s uncle died in Omar kot and he came to me bursting into tears and asked for two days leave. I felt very sad and gave him 1500 rupees from my zakat fund so that his uncle can be buried properly. But of course I cannot let him leave, who is going to take Jhonny (My pet dog) for evening walk if he goes.

P.S: I just redecorated my living room, below is a picture, haters please don’t be jealous, it’s all Halal ‘kamai’.

The Stunning Living room of my villa


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