Diary of a daddy’s Boy (Part#01)

Living in an air conditioned room, in a magnificent building with a lot of servants in an area filled with palaces and sea view at arm’s length, I am sorry if I don’t know how other “people” live in filthy areas of the city. I have never been to the other side of native jetty bridge. It is not my fault if other people drink contaminated water, I pay all my taxes or off the record, a little more than my taxes, just to keep the business running(if you know what I mean). Every time I am in Europe or America, I realize how dirty and unsterilized we people are. It’s like we just don’t like to party. Well, it’s not that I just stick to my rich buddies or foreign tours; I am a people’s person. I do give my servants eidi’s and donate a monthly amount to SOS and heavy amounts to fund raisings that I come to know about. Not only that I do sacrifice a camel, some cows and bakray on every eid. I am not a religious person but I do pray occasionally, I just need a few things, I want to buy my own villa in France, a summer home in Switzerland, a vacation home in New York, and I want Emma Watson to be my girl friend. Oh God! There is almost everything that I am missing. I am the most miserable person on earth. I have never done any wrong. God! Why me? Never ever my wishes have come true. 😦


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