The Leopard Trap

It was ice everywhere and on that there were very visible foot prints of a leopard. A chill of horror slipped through my bones. There was no turning back. If we were to reach the road before dark, then we were bound to move forward to reach the summit and climb down to the other side otherwise we will be just stuck in the forest. Although this was not the highest peak of Galyat but it was proving to be the toughest. The ice layer was getting denser, sometimes it was 5-10 feet and sometimes we didn’t know how deep it went. The footsteps were getting fresher. I knew leopard was not a very big cat and it was interested mostly in comparatively small preys but still it was hard to tell when it may become suddenly interested in human flesh. I thought this may prove to be my last hike but I shall give a worth of fight. After half hour of marching, we reached the peak. A sigh of relief! Escaping the wrath of a leopard and reaching the peak in time, a small Bar B Q could have made the day but there were no chickens around. Well, there is no stepping back. I might go to summit the peak again through another trek, who knows may be this time we meet. =P


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