Fall of Institutions

The old man called his sons who used to fight each other and told them to break a bundle of sticks. When they failed to do so, the old man asked them to untie the bundle and break the sticks one by one that they did quite easily.
“What has slowed down this country?” My boss asked. “Individualism”, I replied without hesitation. You can not deny the fact that Pakistani’s has made their names in the high ranks of every important field. They have left their marks in science, technology, medical, arts, peace, business and literature etc. Everyone knows and gives recognition to Abdus Salam, Faiz Ahmed Faiz, Nusrat Fateh Ali khan, Arfa Karim, Malala yusufzai, sadqain, Malik Riaz and many more that I cannot list. But why these legends have failed to make their impact in our society. Why Pakistan is not moving forward despite producing scores of geniuses. There is failure of collectivism and rise of individualism. Every effort and every success is directed towards the individuals that results in rotting of institutionalism. A country’s development depends on how strong its institutions are. Sadly in Pakistan’s case, institutions are more of a formality. Result is chaos, instability and corruption. I hope someday government understands that healthy institution are more beneficial than glucose injections of metro bus and Danish schools.


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