“Mama! I have just finished it, would you like to see it?”. “Why not!” Mama replied. Last night I refurbished my writing for university magazine. It is an Urdu afsana. I have written in it in summer vacation but it was weak in many aspects. And now I found time to refurbish it due to “terrorism holidays”. *smiles* I was very excited that Mama will very like it and I will get admiration. But when Mama started reading it, then I understand that my Mama is a teacher too. Oh! She grabbed my mistakes of “imla” and criticized my “style”. “Mama! It’s the style of Ghalib”, I complained. “I think that I have read the same thing somewhere but I don’t remember it” another objection came. “You have never read it before rather you have heard the whole story. Don’t you remember the airy night of summer when I told you and Baba that I have written a Afsana and I told you the whole story, it’s my own creation” words after words came out of my mouth as bullets from a machine gun hole . *sad* She smiled “oh I remember it”. “Although I am an M.A Urdu” she added “but I am personally consider it a difficult thing, I think your writings resembles with a famous afsana nigar….”. “Ishfaq Ahmed” I interrupted. “No, no it’s another one” she said thoughtfully. “Ahmed Nadeem Qasmi?”, “No”, “Ghulam Abbas?”, “No”, “Mumtaz Mufti?”, “No”. “Then who the hell is that man who writes like me” Oh sorry “who is that great man with whom my writing match?” “It is Saadat Hassa Minto” she said. I was shocked “how? I am not writing like him, it is a soft writing” I objected. *my eyes formed the shape of semicircular curve protesting against the allegation* “means that just your style resembles not the writing that the reader feels difficult to find the relation between the writing and the end itself.” She explained. “Oh” I heaved a sigh “she is very true”. *smiles*

To be very true, I think myself very inferior to be mixed with such great afsana nigars. But she was my Mom, she can do it. Today, I became the member of the editorial board of university magazine too. Now I have to sacrifice my energies for it but in return I will not get any reward but respect and life experiences. And I think that they will be more than any pay or incentive.*smiles*


3 thoughts on “MY AFSANA GUP

  1. Congrats! and I’d love to read your afsana as well. Writing is such a great experience. It is never easy to express yourself through words. Writing, I think, makes a person him. A person can really be himself when he is writing… So happy writing 🙂

    • yups! i agree with you, i think writing is a sort of catharsis, its a language of yoy own, its life for your internla quetst..i have no more words

      • Believe in yourself and you will become like one of those famous writers.I think most of us are afraid to put in effort in developing this skill because its rewards are rather humble (self-satisfaction n catharsis) and its not glorified like other achievements of ours.

        Enjoyed reading this post

        drop by at my blog too

        cheers 🙂

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