a beautiful design in spring fest

The day when i backed from home. I had to face a fuss called “Spring Fest”. I thought that it’s name should be “Spring Fuss”.  It was a function for welcoming spring where a very much fun was arranged by the university. We were the part of that because we had a gaming stall in spring fest. I was not prepared for that fuss but i was molded by friends to be ready for it. First Mohsin attacked me, then Salman and in the last Sajad. Oh God! there was a stall of flower dedication to dedicate different type of flowers to loved, hated, friends and time pass ones, a stall of prison where you make any person a prisoner by giving money and prisoner can free himself by only giving some more money, the stall of food, the boat, the song dedication stall, the gamig maphia, xavier, sheesha and at the end, YEP,  the stall of ours ” THE FUN STALL”. WHERE EVERY THING WAS AVAILABLE. at economical rate. Here you can see palmistry of Mohsin, the tactics of Salman, the decoration and arrangement of Sajad and dealing of me. If you were here, I told you that how much it wasd nice for us. The gala ended at 7:00pm but it became a beautiful memory for us.

I will post more pics of it in a few days.


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