Man wants to explore every thing with ease and comfort. he wants to build a city by sitting at its home as all the philosphers think that they will understand all the myth of human mind by just thinking. if yes then they should also explain the pain of death if they call them as can understand simple and easy things by just thinking and observation like studies of children, unusal behaviour of a man etc but you can never understand the philosphy of where human mind goes complex. you can better understand only when you are experiencing. my dear , a man who is busy in philosphical debates but after some time he wants to get rid of these debates because only debates can never satisfy you. a soldier can better understand the meaning of loyality when he attacks the enemy with the heavy danger of dying. Yes, this a dimension where thought cannot reach but experience can reach.


8 thoughts on “Ideas

  1. Brilliant (:

    The way you linked thoughts and significance of experiences in life is really impressive:) But, can i ask you a question?

  2. Err:S Bluntly speaking, I myself have forgotten what I was about to ask:$ I actually do have notions about that, but my those questions are now already answered by my mind and heart..

    Or may be I used to be too questioning in previous days:S While in these days, am more towards ‘absorbing’ things rather than ‘questioning’ them. And today, when I read your post, I find it CENT percent agreeable. Rather few things are what I need to realize and implement in my life:)

    JazakALLAH again for a thought-provoking reminder.

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